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If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

-Beverly Cleary

Hello there! I’m Kaitlin and writing is my passion–one I want to share it with you!

I’ve been studying and practicing the craft of writing for 10 years. I have a BA in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Creative Writing and History (Sort of like a double major, but more complicated. Basically, it just means I’m smart. Ha.). And I find teaching others how to write stories rewarding!

I know you love writing too, and I believe you have a story that needs to be shared with the world. That’s why I’m here–to help you accomplish your novel goals!

I want to teach you how to write spectacular stories your readers will adore and editors will want to publish.

Writing a novel is no small task. But I have faith in you! I know you can do this, and I’m going to share my hard-earned knowledge to help you get there.

What else about me? I love to teach myself new things, which is probably a result of being homeschooled since the 3rd grade (yes, I did school work in my jammies. Be jealous). I enjoy travel, yoga, archery, and horseback riding, and I have a strange obsession with mint (the color, not the candy. Although those are fantastic too).

So just how did I get into this writing thing?

Story time! Once Upon A Time, I was a small child scribbling little stories. But at 14, I discovered the wondrous world of the novel. I finished my first YA Fantasy novel at a ridiculous 164,000 words (Yes, I was a tad overenthusiastic). That was when I knew I wanted to be an author.

I threw myself fully into learning the craft. I studied stacks of books on writing, read loads of novels, and put what I learned into practice in my own stories (You could say I was an obsessive learner, but “passionate” sounds nicer). During my high school years, I wrote two more full-length novels.

How did I figure out I wanted to teach?

Fast-forward to college. I struggled to find the time to write, and started several novels but never completed them. I was also conflicted over my major because people told me I couldn’t make a living off writing (Lies, by the way. Don’t ever let someone talk you out of pursuing your passion). In short, I became an Education major because I thought I would enjoy teaching English.


What I really wanted was teach others how to write novels. But this little light bulb didn’t go off in my silly brain until I had spent over four years working toward an Education degree. And I was supposed to graduate the following semester. So what did I do?

I slammed on the brakes and took control of my life.

I quit the Education program and switched to Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies, which allowed me to study my two loves: Creative Writing and History. It was a terrifying decision, and it took me another year to graduate. A lot of people thought I was nuts.

But I never regretted it. I didn’t want to spend my life in a classroom teaching what someone else told me to teach. I wanted to teach what I was passionate about, I wanted to share the skills and knowledge I had spent so many years building. I knew I could help other writers.

What am I up to now?

Now I run this little blog where I can finally teach my passion! I’m also currently working on a YA Historical Fiction novel, which I hope to finish in Fall 2015. Unlike my other novels, which I consider learning experiments, I intend to pursue publication for this story. I plan to start querying agents by the end of the year. I can’t wait to share this story with you! I think you’ll really enjoy it 😉

Want to get in touch?

Have a writing question, or just want to chat? Hit me up on social media, or shoot me an email!

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I look forward to hearing from you!


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Why can’t hedgehogs just share the hedge?

Why yes, I do have a ball of spikes for a pet. And in case you haven’t noticed, she’s a sexy model. (Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack).

Camilla is my co-writer and editorial assistant (although we’re still working on her typing skills). She was also the inspiration behind the name Ink and Quills. She’s an African Pygmy hedgehog, and her pet peeve is being confused with a porcupine (yes, she is full-grown, and no, her quills will not stick in your hand).

Camilla is persnickety about grammar, and helps keep my writing in check. She’s also a sharp critic (har har). In her spare time she enjoys crunching on kitty kibble, running on her wheel, and napping. And don’t let the quills fool you–she’s a fabulous snuggler.

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  1. Hi Kaitlin! I love your blog!!!! I’m currently writing a YA novel and have been wondering where to find a fresh pair of eyes that appreciates the genre as much as I do – my search stops here! I’d love to get in touch with you when I’m a bit further along in the process… Fun fact: I was homeschooled my entire life (minus college, of course), LOVE hedgehogs and horseback riding, and have been dying to learn archery (i.e., we’re actually long lost sisters)! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, I’m so glad you found my blog and it’s useful to you!!! I love connecting with others who love/write YA 😀 Woo we’re basically twins! haha 😉 Archery is fantastic! It’s challenging and relaxing at the same time…sort of like yoga, except more violent lol. And the best part is you don’t need lessons, you can teach yourself! I’d highly recommend a Genesis compound bow, it’s what I have and it’s a great beginner’s bow 🙂 I look forward to talking with you more!

      1. As homeschoolers, we’re really good at teaching ourselves things! Thanks for the tip – I’ll definitely look into the Genesis compound. And when I have more of my story written, I’ll get in touch! Have a great weekend:)

  2. This is probably the most helpful writer’s blog I’ve come across; I’m just commenting to say thanks for posting all the writing tips. (I’ll definitely keep the writing in male POV in mind.)
    I also loved your dystopian music playlist! Do you have one in mind for fantasy?

    1. Thanks so much, it makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog ^.^ And I’m excited you like the dystopian playlist! I don’t have a fantasy playlist at the moment, but I may make one in the future! 😀

  3. Just found your website today, and I’m completely in love! 😀 I’m currently attempting to write a story, however I seem to be having writer’s block. You provide so many helpful tips on writing! I already have ideas on how to improve my writing from just reading a couple of your posts. <3 Looking forward to more of posts!

  4. Yay!!! I’m so glad my posts have been helpful for you! Writer’s block can be frustrating but if you keep working at it you’ll break through 😉 Best of luck with your story & thanks for reading my blog!

    1. Hi Kaitlin,

      Nice finding, your site. Your Guides are juicy (I Pinned a couple of them), the Secret-Archives quite helpful, your posts organization appealing and easy to navigate. Nice job, keep writing!

  5. Your Story Binding sounds custom fit for me! One quick question before I purchase. Is this for a digital binder or an actual hold-in-my-hands notebook binder? So much of my research, story notes, “casting call” files are here on my laptop and glory, what a MESS. Every time I’m drowning in these unorganized swamps I call book notes, I swear I’ll never write another book until I find a way to ORGANIZE them. But I’m not sure I could do it all on paper, if that makes sense?

  6. Your website is the first writer’s advice haven where all the advice has really clicked for me. All your advice has been very helpful! Thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Aww Kate thank you so much! I’m so excited to hear that! I really try hard to explain things in a simple way that makes sense 🙂 Thank you so much for supporting and reading my blog!

  7. Hi, I wanted to tell you that I love your blog. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the tips. However, could share some more tips about short stories> I think I’m probably the only one here who wants to become a short-story writer. Thanks! 🙂

  8. I just discovered your blog and spent almost two hours on the articles. They are really helpful and gave me lot of encouragement to pursue writing. Thank you for writing this awesome blog 🙂

  9. WOAH….Yeesh. You’ve done things people dream abt doing girl!!
    Nice going btw…I love ur site. It IS extremelyyy helpful. Keep up the good work ^ _^

  10. Just found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for writing with us. I spent the whole afternoon perusing the posts and love all of your information.

  11. Thank you so much for all of these useful tips! I’m in college, and I can never find time to write anymore (except for school). Do you have any advice on how to squeeze in enough creative writing time to possibly finish at least a short novel during the school year (planning, etc.)?

    1. Hi Linseigh! I totally feel you on that, I hardly ever had time to write while I was in college! First, definitely try to get the most out of your holiday and summer breaks. As for while school is in session, it gets trickier. Try to set aside 30min-1hr each day to plan, write, or edit depending on which phase of the process you’re in (this might mean sacrificing time spent online, with friends, or watching TV). It may not seem like much but the key here is accumulation over a period of time–it’s all going to add up! If weekdays are out of the question, try setting aside a larger chunk of time on the weekends either by getting up earlier or staying up later. It’s definitely going to take some discipline and commitment to fit writing into your lifestyle, but if it’s something you really want to do it’s not impossible. Hope that helps and good luck!!

  12. You are a life saver! I would love to read your first YA fantasy, too. I’m always looking for more writing material!!! Do you mind sharing the title?

    1. Hi Kate! I actually never published my first YA fantasy because it was such a mess 😉 I decided to move on to other projects, and I’m going to be publishing a novella on October 25th called THESE SAVAGE BONES. It’s actually historical fiction instead of fantasy (I write in both genres), but if you’re interested I’d love for you to read it!

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