Resource Library

  • The Guide to Writing Epic, Evil Villains
    Learn tips and tricks for creating a villain readers will fear and hate
  • Intro to Writing Workbook
    An introduction to the world of novel writing that helps you disocver who you will write for, what you will write, and more
  • Writing 101 Workbook
    A workbook for new writers that teaches you the basics of writing fiction such as plot, characters, setting, and more!
  • Find Your Novel's Theme
    Questions to help you discover the underlying theme in your story
  • Write Characters Who Aren't All Like You
    Brainstorm ways to make your characters different from yourself
  • Create Powerful Character Flaws
    A worksheet that guides you through creating a flaw that has a powerful impact on your story
  • Creating Fantasy Creatures and Races
    Questions to help you create a realistic fantasy creature or race from scratch!
  • How to Write a Novel in 20 Steps
    A checlist for writers who don't know where to begin!
  • Character Description Template + Worksheets
    Worksheets to help you brainstorm your character description and a no-fail template to guide you in writing it!
  • Character Description Cheat Sheets
    Ideas for describing eyes, hair, facial features, and more!
  • Write a Fairy Tale Retelling
    Research and plan your fairy tale retelling!
  • Novel Timeline Organizers
    3 organizers to help you keep track of your story's timeline and avoid continuity issues and plot holes
  • Finding Story Ideas
    A worksheet to help you brainstorm story ideas based off things you're curious about or interested in!
  • Glossary of Writing Terms
    New novelist? Learn all the jargon you'll come across during your writing journey
  • Query Letter Checklist
    Keep track of all the steps you need to take when querying a literary agent for publication
  • Yoga Routine for Writers
    An easy, gentle sequence to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, and back