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guide to writing villains smallWant to learn how to create terrifying villains your readers will love to hate? Of course you do!

Your story can rise or fall on your villain. Besides your hero, he’s the most important character in your story! A strong villain raises the stakes, increases the tension, and puts your hero to the test. But a weak villain makes your story, well, weak.

In this e-book we’ll cover:

  • varying degrees of “evil” in villains
  • exploring your villain’s past
  • how to humanize your villain
  • how to make your readers hate and fear him
  • figuring out his desire and motive
  • and more!

Ready to get serious about your villains? Get your FREE e-book now!

13 thoughts on “Free E-book

  1. I signed up for the eBook three days ago and I still have gotten no emails from you except for one saying I changed my profile because I had been trying to make an account. Please help me!

      1. Sorry for the troubles, Katie! I’m glad it finally worked. If you ever run into troubles again you can get in touch with me quickly via the contact page 🙂

  2. I have signed up for the e-book, but I have not received any emails about a free e-book. I was wondering if there was anything you have to do, aside from putting your email and name into the boxes?

    1. Hi Raven! You should have received an email after submitting. If you want to send me an email at and let me know what email address you tried to sign up with, I can check my email service to see if it went through or add you manually. I’m sorry for the trouble! But we’ll figure it out!

    1. Hi Fay, I’m so sorry for the trouble! I’m not sure what’s going on with my system, but I’ll look into it and send you an email with the ebook download. Sorry again!

  3. This was absolutely brilliant! Thank you for helping me complete my university coursework assignment! And for those of you saying you haven’t got the email – mine went straight into my junk folder! So if you have your spam filter set up to immediately remove ‘junk’ that may be where it disappeared to!

  4. Hello there, i’ve been trying for so long to get the book but it keeps telling me “to many subscribe attempts” or sth along those lines and i don’t know what to do. your help would be very much appreciated. i love your site and i’d love to get this book too. thank you in advance.

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