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The Story Binder novel organization and development tool from Inkandquills.comOne of the biggest challenges of writing a novel is keeping all of your information organized. A writer can quickly drown in a sea of notes on their characters, settings, world building, research, and not to mention plot. And finding that piece of info you need while in the middle of writing? That can prove a challenging feat if your notes are stuffed in a folder or scribbled in a journal.

But with a Story Binder, your story’s information is organized and at the ready so you can spend more time writing and less time hunting down your notes!

I’ve been through the whole folders and notebooks phase–and let me tell you something, I was a hot mess. It could take me an hour or more to find the notes I needed for a certain scene. Time that I could have spent, you know, actually writing that scene. Finally, I decided enough was enough. I revamped my note-keeping system and created the Story Binder (and saved my sanity in the process).

So what’s so great about a Story Binder?

  • All of your notes are in one place.
  • No juggling back and forth between a bunch of Word documents.
  • No flipping through a notebook trying to hunt down information–tabs help you stay organized.
  • No digging through folders stuffed with loose notes.
  • Easy, quick reference for characters, settings, plot, and more while writing.
  • Easy prepping and developing.

Basically, a Story Binder is a reference manual for your novel. It helps you stay on top of all the details, and if you need to look something up while writing you can do so easily without having to dig through a mountain of notes or scroll back through your story to hunt it down.

Once I started using this system, prepping and organizing my novels became a hundred times easier! Not only did I have easy access to my notes while writing, but I was able to develop my characters and story much faster.

After lots of trial and error, I’ve gotten novel prepping down to a science, and know just what you need to develop a successful story. I’ve created over fifty pages of worksheets & organizers to help you stay on top of your novel game! So what will you find in the Story Binder?

  • An overview sheet for your novel where you can set goals and deadlines
  • A visual word count tracker
  • Character questionnaires (for heroes, villains, and minor characters)
  • A checklist for your to-do’s
  • Character name organizer for your favorite names
  • Various plot outlines (for plotters and pantsers)
  • Four Act Structure cheat sheet
  • Storyboarding organizer
  • World building questionnaire
  • World map worksheet
  • Timeline organizers
  • Scene & dialogue idea organizers
  • New story ideas organizer
  • Setting profile
  • Story research organizer
  • Editing check list
  • Agent submission tracker

The Story Binder novel organization and development tool from Inkandquills.comSound good? It gets even better.

I’ve created 10 covers and 6 different colored tabs and dividers so you can dress up your binder any way you like! Use the same color, or mix and match.

The Story Binder novel organization and development tool from

The Story Binder novel organization and development tool from

The Story Binder novel organization and development tool from Inkandquills.comSince this is a digital download, that means you can download and print as many worksheets as you need for multiple stories, and choose the size binder that’s best for you. Hooray!

So what does it look like when it’s all put together? Take a peek at the story binder I’ve created for my current novel-in progress! I chose to use the black tabs and dividers, which color will you choose?

FullSizeRender  FullSizeRender[2]

Are you ready to organize your novel for success? You can purchase your Story Binder now for only $10!  Click here to purchase your binder and start building your best novel yet!